[MADE-TO-ORDER]  HanaH × Yuji Nishimura "Konpei&Miso" POUCH【RED】
[MADE-TO-ORDER]  HanaH × Yuji Nishimura "Konpei&Miso" POUCH【RED】
[MADE-TO-ORDER]  HanaH × Yuji Nishimura "Konpei&Miso" POUCH【RED】
[MADE-TO-ORDER]  HanaH × Yuji Nishimura "Konpei&Miso" POUCH【RED】
[MADE-TO-ORDER]  HanaH × Yuji Nishimura "Konpei&Miso" POUCH【RED】
[MADE-TO-ORDER]  HanaH × Yuji Nishimura "Konpei&Miso" POUCH【RED】

[MADE-TO-ORDER] HanaH × Yuji Nishimura "Konpei&Miso" POUCH【RED】

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After a lapse of about 10 months, we are pleased to announce the third project of HanaH.
This time, Natsuki Hanae's beloved cats, Miso-chan and Kompei-kun, were illustrated by Yuji Nishumura.
We will be taking orders for 7 types of dream collaboration items featuring these adorable illustrations!
Don't miss out on this opportunity!

Here comes a pouch with an eye-catching "Konpei&Miso" pattern!
It is a moderately sized pouch that can hold everything from cosmetics to mobile batteries.
Each color has a different design, so please find your favorite combination!

■ ITEM : HanaH × Yuji Nishimura "Konpei&Miso" POUCH
■ COLOR : YELLOW / RED / LIGHT BLUE (3 colors)
■ PRICE : ¥2,800-
■ QUALITY : PVC Polyester Brass
■ SIZE : ONE SIZE(W200xH160xD70mm)

<Order Period>
From Saturday, 20th August 2022 at 7:00pm to Wednesday, 24th August 2022 11:59:59pm JAPAN TIME (UTC+9).

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Around early October or end of October, 2022.

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