[MADE-TO-ORDER]  HanaH × Yuji Nishimura "Konpei&Miso" STICKER
[MADE-TO-ORDER]  HanaH × Yuji Nishimura "Konpei&Miso" STICKER
[MADE-TO-ORDER]  HanaH × Yuji Nishimura "Konpei&Miso" STICKER
[MADE-TO-ORDER]  HanaH × Yuji Nishimura "Konpei&Miso" STICKER
[MADE-TO-ORDER]  HanaH × Yuji Nishimura "Konpei&Miso" STICKER

[MADE-TO-ORDER] HanaH × Yuji Nishimura "Konpei&Miso" STICKER

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After a lapse of about 10 months, we are pleased to announce the third project of HanaH.
This time, Natsuki Hanae's beloved cats, Miso-chan and Kompei-kun, were illustrated by Yuji Nishumura.
We will be taking orders for 7 types of dream collaboration items featuring these adorable illustrations!Don't miss out on this opportunity!

"Konpei & Miso" stickers in various sizes!
We made the stickers transparent so that they won't get in the way no matter where you put them!
We hope you will feel the healing power of these stickers by putting them wherever you like!

■ ITEM : HanaH × Yuji Nishimura "Konpei&Miso" STICKER
■ PRICE : ¥500-
■ SIZE : W90XH180mm

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From Saturday, 20th August 2022 at 7:00pm to Wednesday, 24th August 2022 11:59:59pm JAPAN TIME (UTC+9).

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Around early October or end of October, 2022.

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