[MADE-TO-ORDER]  tear R drop MINO WARE MUG (400ml)
[MADE-TO-ORDER]  tear R drop MINO WARE MUG (400ml)
[MADE-TO-ORDER]  tear R drop MINO WARE MUG (400ml)
[MADE-TO-ORDER]  tear R drop MINO WARE MUG (400ml)
[MADE-TO-ORDER]  tear R drop MINO WARE MUG (400ml)
[MADE-TO-ORDER]  tear R drop MINO WARE MUG (400ml)

[MADE-TO-ORDER] tear R drop MINO WARE MUG (400ml)

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We are pleased to announce that we will start accepting orders for the 5th edition of our project "tear R drop" with Ryohei Kimura from 7:00 PM on May 11th (Tue).
This time, Mr. Kimura has lined up items for the kitchen that are useful for cooking and eating, which is his specialty!

Here comes the mug of Mino ware.
It's a dream collaboration between traditional Mino ware and tear R drop.
The teardrop motif and Mr. Kimura's well-known YouTube illustrations are expressed in a chic color using traditional Japanese techniques in Toki City, Gifu, a major production center of Mino ware, giving this dish a sense of historical depth.
This mug is a good blend of pop and tradition by using colorful colors.
This large 400ml mug with Kimura's illustrations is a great addition to your daily diet....

■ ITEM : tear R drop MINO WARE MUG (400ml)
■ PRICE : ¥2,600
■ SIZE : W83mm×H98mm

<Order Period>
From Tuesday, 11th May 2021 at 7:00pm to Friday, 14th May 2021 11:59:59pm JAPAN TIME (UTC+9).

<Expected Shipping Date>
Around early July or end of July, 2021.

This product will be MADE-TO-ORDER.
Please be sure to read the following precautions and apply within the order acceptance period

* The order is acceptable from the ONLINE SHOP "TAKALAKA" only during the order acceptance period.
* Due to production, shipping schedule may be delayed.
* The color of the image of the product may be slightly different.
* The shipping dates of the 3 made-to-order items are different. It is possible to match shipping, but the timing will be the same as the late shipping item.
* It is possible to deliver with the regular products of TAKALAKA, but the shipping will be the timing when the made-to-order product is shipped.
* We can not accept changes or cancellations of products after receiving an order.
* The payment method is credit card only. Credit card payment will be processed when the goods are ordered.
* There is no limit to the number you can purchase.
* Please refrain from purchasing for resale.

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